Looking Back on 2014

As we look back to the start of 2014, we had such enthusiasm for all the possibilities for the Gbarnga Community Learning Center (GCLC). As the year began, HCA Co-Founder, James Kumahn, was finishing up a year in Liberia, of working diligently with Schools for the Children of the World (SCW) and other dedicated members of our alliance in Gbarnga. All were working very hard in building the Gbarnga Community Learning Center with the local community (See photos) Once completed, SCW hired a local furniture maker to make desks and chairs on site. During this time, HCA co-founder, Nancy Wood set out to gather the best collection possible for the new GCLC, by reaching out to Colorado school and public libraries for appropriate educational items such as text books, literacy materials, and non-fiction, and easy read books. Many libraries responded and together more than perfect 8,000 books were cataloged for GCLC. Other items such as musical instruments, farming supplies and art supplies were also collected and we boxed a enough educational materials to fill a 40 x 8 x8 shipping container. We filled out the paper work needed for approval of our collection to be shipped which too much longer than expected. In June, we were finally approved for inspection, and the news of Ebola in Liberia put us on hold. The rest of the year, we have done what we can to help villages get food and we have spoken in front of any audience that has invited us. As 2014 ends we are so grateful to all of the global humanitarians who have risks their lives to help West Africa and we are hopeful that with international help, the Ebola crisis will end soon.